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Frequently asked questions

Why would I use Clip It!?
Clilp It! is designed to help you easily capture web pages in one single image.
What are the system requirements?
Any Mac running Mac OS X 10.4 or above.
Does it run on Intel Mac?
Yes. Clip It! is universal.
Why is Clip It! free? Is there a catch?
Headnix would like to show case our capability in Cocoa development. A free application is the best way to get people know our capability.
Does Clip It! run on Windows PCs?
Sorry, it will never run on a Windows PC. "Get a Mac":http://www.apple.com/getamac now!!
How can I save the captured images to other image formats?
Select the image window > click "File" > "Save" > Enter file name and choose image format. Clip It! supports PNG, JPG and TIFF.
How can I remove Clip It! from my computer?
Simply delete the application file from the Applications folder.
If you want to remove Clip It! preference file, you can
Can I capture QuickTime movies on web pages?
No. QuickTime movies are not rendered under the normal view hierarchy as HTML and Flash media. We are still looking for workaround.


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