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Thursday, Jan 06, 2011 Clip It! now available in Mac App Store

Clip It! in Mac App Store

We are excited to be one of the Mac App Store launching apps. Clip It! allows you to capture web pages in one single image. It is the tool for web designers, developers and professionals to archive web pages for presentation, inspiration and other purposes. At US$4.99, it serves as a very affordable alternative to similar tools such as LittleSnapper.

This Mac App Store version of Clip It! marks an important beginning for the next new App Store only version – Clip It! 2. The development of Clip It! 2 is wrapping up rapidly and it will be available on the App Store as free update to customer who have purchased Clip It! on the App Store.

More will be announced in coming weeks. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this current version.

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