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Headnix — Clip It!

Headnix is a small software house run by a freelance developer Bill So — that's me. I am a Mac fanatic and enjoy coding on Mac more than anything else.

Headnix is based in Hong Kong (where is it?), but I am keen to travel to any part of this world to do things that I love. Are you looking for cost-effective yet high quality software solution based on Mac or iPhone? Please drop me a message.

Solutions for Mac

Headnix provides custom-made software for Mac OS X using Cocoa.

If you are running a movie studio, design house or any business using Mac, please contact me for a free consultation, or just a cup of coffee. I would always like to meet Mac users.

Solutions for Linux & Web

Headnix also delivers Linux and web-based software in open source license.

With this license you can own and access to all source codes of your software, and be free to add features or make changes to make it suit your needs.


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If you are looking for Finger iPhone app, please go to Finger's site.

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